Virtual Incubation

Virtual incubation of UIH offers services to emerging startups & entrepreneurs in a variety of ways including but not limited to the liberty of operating your business from any different location and availaing the incubation fecilities of UIH remotely through virtual or online mode. This virtual incubation eliminates the barier of location and enables a vast ecosystem by connecting with various startups of different regions, which further results in extending network support amongst the incubated startups. Also, the program creates the optimal environment for startups to scale up by connecting the Startups through our webinars, events and widespread network of mentors, investors etc. Following fecilities can be availed by opting for virtual incubation at UIH:

1) Support in Company Registration.

2) Support in Company Certification

3) Online Mentorship related to the Business Idea / POC / Product development.

4) Start-ups can participate in events Held in UIH by connecting through online modes.

5) Support in providing manpower for the Start-up if needed from the network of our college students & Aluminis.

6) Startups can participate in pitching sessions & investors meet organised at UIH for fund raising activities.

7) Startups can participate in Expert Talks / Seminars / Webinars, sorganised by UIH.

8) Startups can connect with the associated Legal Advisors for their related issues.

9) Startups can connect with the associated Financial Advisors for their related issues.

10) Information related to events & expos from throughout the country for marketting & branding.

11) Briefing about government supports (fiscal & non fiscal) and how it can be availed.

12) Startups/Entrepreneurs can benefit a lot by networking with resource persons assiciated with UIH