Physical Incubation

At UIH startups can opt for physical incubation depending upon the need for physical infrastructure including dedicated office space, co-working space, technical infratrsucture, laboratories, etc. on shared basis. Physical incubation acts as a best platform for startups to learn, grow, and scale together with their co-startups by taking services and benefits of other incubated startups at the incubation centre. For startups willing to incubated physically at UIH, following infrastructure is availablie on shared basis:

1) 10 Cubicals of 100 sq. ft. (10x10)ft. each. for founding teams of startups .

2) 24 seats with computer systems on each seat in co-working section for team members/employees/interns of starups.

3) Common Meeting Room including 50" LED with a seating capacity of 12 members for internal meetings & client meetings.

4) Common Conference Room including digital media & communication facility with a seating capacity of upto 100 members.

5) Assembly Hall for small gatherings or can be used for establishing assembly line of products.

6) Auditorium equipped with high quality audio visual systems and with a seating capacity of upto 2000 members.

7) Innovation Lab for new age technologies of industry 4.0.

8) Strong Wifi network in all sections of UIH.

9) Printers & Copiers available.

10) Cafeteria for meals & refreshments for the team members

11) Water Outlets & Washroom

12) Security & Open Parking for 4 wheelers & 2 wheelers .